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Tugging Dog

Help Your Dog Become Somebody
-Ivan Balabanov

Our balanced training method is safe and effective for dogs of every age and temperament and we always keep the preservation of their spirit and dignity in mind. Our programs are built on a bond of mutual respect between dogs and their owners and never rely on fear as a shortcut to results.

Pup holding flower

Private Sessions

Starting at $800 for package

After learning about the training in the initial consultation, schedule private followup sessions where you and your dog will be coached through a variety of training exercises tailored to your dog's specific needs. Your dog will benefit from repetition and you'll get live tutorials and feedback so the training can continue at your leisure in between sessions. Private sessions take place in your home,  a public area, or at my home depending on the unique needs of your pack. 

Board And Train

Starting at $3200 for three week board and train

If you are looking for a training program where your dog is emerced in the optimal training environment, look no further. During a board and train, your dog will live with us and become part of our pack during his or her stay. This will help your dog learn how to function and obtain the needed house manner and social skills. He or she is treated like our own. This means he or she will receive the love, respect, and attention just as our personal dogs do all while learning life long skills both in the house and out in public. 

Image by Patrick Hendry
Image by Taylor Kopel


Starting at $2500 for three homeschool

Looking for intense training but don't want to send your dog away for weeks at a time, we got you! Homeschooling is designed to get you the best results and keep your dog in the comfort of their own home. During this program, our certified trainer will come to you house 5 days a week and work with your pack. At the end of week, you will meet and learn everything your dog has been learning. Duration varies depeneidng on goals and behavior issues being addressed.  



Starting at $300 

New Puppy?

Check out our puppy program. We have a couple options within the puppy program, but all programs will start your puppy out on the right paw and offer training for months after as your puppy grows and develops into the amazing dog you have dreamed of! 

Virtual Sessions

Not in Amarillo or just want to simplicity of virtual sessions, we can make that happen. You will get individualized guidance over zoom and weekly check ins to make sure you are staying on track. Get ready to get great results from the comfort of your home.

Image by Camylla Battani

Remember no matter what course you choose, long term success is based on the effort you put in to building and maintaining a healthy fun relationship with you dog. 

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