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RuffLife K9 Dog Training And Nutrition

Play and Relationship-based Training 


The first certified TWC trainer comes to the Panhandle


About Us

RuffLife was founded in 2018 on the belief that not all pets are born equal. They each have their own unique traits and mannerisms, and therefore require their own unique and specialized training. That’s where we come in! Whether it’s for basic manners or more complex behavioral issues, we are focused on training your pet and teaching you how to communicate with them effectively. This training method is full of fun techniques that will give you and your pet a happier life together.

The Best of Omaha is new to Amarillo

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Love My Clients

Here’s What They’re Saying

"Kind & Loving"

"Shilee was absolutely amazing!! She’s very caring, personable, and easy to contact. My dog Remy is not the same dog after our private training sessions. She’s beyond through and wants to ensure that you as an owner feel comfortable every step of the way in addition to your dog. There are challenging moments within the program but the end results are beyond worthwhile!"


"Very Professional"

Shilee is amazing! My Wheaten, Murphy, has lots of anxiety and doesn't always do well in conventional boarding situations. He stayed with her for a week, and he came home happy and clean. She's a dog trainer, and it shows in how she is able to handle Murph's quirks. I would absolutely recommend Ruff Life!


"Great Service"

"I’d highly recommend ruff life for your dog care and training needs! We love their structured style of daycare and boarding, ensuring all dogs are happy and  comfortable."


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